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How It Works

The Confrnz platform allows conference goers or potential attendees to access conference material in three simple steps:

Instant Login

Just enter your email to get in - no password needed.

Check Email

Check your email and click the login token.

See Everything

Browse and read all material from your conference.



Examples of current Confrnz Server customer deployments and demos.

Twin Cities Startup Week Materials

Week Long Event Celebrating Startups From the Twin Cities and Surrounding Region

Knowledge Conferences Materials

IoT, and Medical Related Conference Material

Confrnz Demo

Demonstration of Other Types of Material Which Can Be Utilized on the Confrnz Platform


Confrnz specializes in the stuff that happens, "after the after," the event is over. We're happy to help!

  • Before The Conference

    The Herculean Effort

    Before the conference involves the herculean set of tasks ranging of gathering speakers, registering space,

  • During the Conference

    The Scramble

    During the Conference or event, everything seems like a scramble. Is all of the AV equipment working? Did you order enough food? Did you ask all of the sponsors if they were happy? Ultimately what happens on this one day can make or break the following year.

  • After the Conference

    Follow Up & Relaunch

    This is the time to perform surveys, write thank-yous, to follow up and if possible remind people of your following year scheduled date.

  • After the After the Conference

    Sharing With The World

    The completion of an annual event is the beginning of a new event. As soon as you finish up one year, you have to start planning for the next. This is also a time for follow-ups and added value to sponsors and critical partners, as well as an opportunity to engender loyalty and future potential attendees by sharing your best material with the world!

  • Let Your

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